The Devil's Minstrels, also known simply as "DM" 

WELCOME DM FANS !! If you are a long time fan there's new stuff up and if you don't know who we are yet I'm about to tell ya'll about us - but 1st off where you been livin' - out in the Everglades ?!

So this is Carl here, the Bass Player, and I just wanted to start off by stating: We don't care what anybody says up in Jacksonville; we are the BEST METAL BAND IN THE WORLD !

Okay so it is true there's a Motel-6 up on I-95 in Jacksonville Beach where we may have slightly possibly kinda pooped a little too much after an Arby's / Dairy Queen double-run and they've now perma-banned us from entering the 32227 area code - but the hell with them! We TOLD that chick on the room service line that the room was severely low on TP. Between that and the fact that the cable was on the fritz and was only showing a RuPaul spanky-stuff marathon, that room basically trashed itself.

Anyway - We Are The Devil's Minstrels ! The Best Metal Band you HAVE EVER, and WILL EVER Witness !

We are Drexil (Front Man), me Carl (Bass & Electronics) and Byl (Guitar)
Undead Zed (Drums) is very difficult to capture on Film

Oh and BTW we have an awesome Official DM Tour Bus !


But see the thing is... We're not only the Best Metal Band in the World - we also tend to get into really weird situations - we never know exactly why this happens - it just does... alot...

For example all in one afternoon, we met a bunch of girls, Drex ended up in jail, and I got BLOWN UP!


Well the thing is... we do meet lots of girls, Drex does end up in jail alot, and well there always does seem to be alot of people shooting at us or trying to blow us up... usually me...
Huh..? So I guess they aren't that weird of situations after all - for us anyway I guess that's the norm.

So if you LOVE DM and you want your DM-TV, like about 2,000,000 Fans already do, then drop us a note as we keep after the networks to put The Devil's Minstrels on your home TV for endless adventures... or (mis)adventures as the case seems-to-be...


yup, there I am... blowing up... again... [sheesh]